Steam Iron and Boiler Spare Parts
High temperature protected Steam Irons and Boiler Spare Parts are available in different specifications to suit precise application needs. These have been developed from silicon rubber, plastic, cast aluminum and other raw materials.
Steam Boilers
Offered Steam Boilers are reckoned for their standard safety features and energy efficient mechanism. These comprise of threaded flue tube that ensures effective transfer of heat for better thermal performance.
Steam Irons
Steam Irons are required for drying fabrics within short span of time. Accessible with cord, these electricity powered ironing solutions are totally corrosion proof and high temperature protected. Moreover, these can endure electric shock.
Industrial Ironing Equipments
Industrial Ironing Equipments are used for providing standard finishing to textile products. These low maintenance ironing solutions are simple to install, control and manage for their user friendly design. Due to their corrosion proof surface, these equipments have long working life.
Laundry Machinery
Provided Laundry Machinery are used for drying, ironing and stain removal of textile products. Available in different specifications, this array of laundry equipments are energy efficient. Low noise operation is one of their key features.
Hydro Extractors
Hydro Extractors are used for quick drying of textile items. These stainless steel equipments are accessible in 1.5 kw to 10 kw motor power capacity. Basket speed and dewatering performance of these machines depends on their design.
Needle Detectors
Needle Detectors are used available in manually controlled and microprocessor based automatic controlling modes based options. These machines are capable of detecting sharp needles and ferrous metal fragments inside chemicals, food and textile items.
Garment Fusing Machine
Garment Fusing Machines are used to prevent shrinkage of fabrics. Offered automatic systems can be used under 150 degree C temperature and these are capable of handling fabrics having up to500 mm width.
Solenoid Valves
Solenoid Valves are used as flow controlling units for oil, gas and water that are transferred through pipelines. Actuator of these valves is instrumental in generating electromagnetic field. Magnetism of this field has significant role in proper operation of these flow controlling units.
Steam Valve
Steam Valves are used for smooth operation of sterilizer, fluid heat exchanger and unit heaters. Developed by using advanced cast investment process, this array of valves has been developed from standard quality raw materials like forged brass, stainless steel, HDPE and ABS.
Hot Air Gun
Hot Air Guns are reckoned for their versatile nature. LED display part of these products is used for viewing outlet air temperature. Air consumption level of these products ranges between 5 cfm to 6 cfm.

Washing Machines
Offered Washing Machines have huge demand in textile, hospitals and hotels for washing bulk garments. High speed operation, energy efficient functioning and quality approved nature are the key features of these equipments.

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